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Member Companies

2010 Projected Schedule
2009 Battle of Suwanee Registration
Official Newsletter for Hardees Corp
Official Newsletter for Southern Guards Brigade
Member Companies
2009 Schedule of Events
2010 Schedule of Event

          Hardees Brigade
Commanded by Colonel Vince Byrd

CS Marines    Company A. Pensacola    

37TH Alabama Co. H  

2 ND SC Co. A                                     

Florida IndependantArtillery Co. B

5TH Fla. Co.G  Cavalry & I / Kilcrest Artillery   

8 TH Fla. Co. G.                                   

8Th Fla.  Co. B

69 TH NC. Co.A                                  

6 TH  FL. Co. E

4 TH  Fl. Co. G

3 RD Fl.  Co. C Wild Cats.

39 TH NC.Co. K

Milton Light Artillery                        

Marion Light Artillery

Hart's Battery

Hardees Div Medical                                           

CS Marines Co.C

7 TH Fl. Co.B Strawhats

2nd  Illinois Scottish Regiment    (Federal)
E Mail- 

57 TH Va. Co.C                    
Col Neiperts on line Magazine

Southern Guards Brigade
Commanded by Brig. General J. R. Parsons
Calhoun Artillery
Pumpkintown Artillery
Co. A    22nd Virginia Infantry
Co. I    7th Arkansas Infantry (Bloody Seventh)
12th North Caolina Infantry (Catawba Rifles)
Co. A  7th South Carolina Infantry
38th Indiana Dis-Mounted Infantry (Federal)
Co. A 13th Tennessee Infantry (Federal)
Co. D 2nd Kentucky dis-mounted Cavalry
Co. E 37th Virginia Infantry
Co. A 29th Virginia Infantry
Co. F 39th kentucky Infantry (Federal)
Co. E 22nd Virginia Dis-Mounted Cavalry
1st Virginia Infantry
Co. F 16th Georgia Infantry
Co. A 5th Kentucky Infantry
Co. D 5th Kentucky Infantry
Co. E 5th Kentucky Infantry
Co. F 5th Kentucky Infantry
Caudill Battery Artillery
Gaddis Battery Artillery
Co. A 2nd South Carolina Regimental Rifles
Co. K 2nd South Carolina Regimental Rifles
Co. D 39th Georgia Infantry
Co. G 12th Tennessee Cavalry
Burroughs 1st East Tennessee Artillery
Fergusons Independant Cavalry
Co. A 59th Tennessee Infantry
Co. D 4th Tennessee Infantry  (Federal)
Walnut Hills Mess
Breckenridge Grays Mess
"Southern Guards "Corp of Cadets & Musicians"
Chaplains Corp